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Here is the preliminary Information for the next walks :-

This page was last updated on 24-Mar-20.

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Dear All

Audrey and the committee regret that in the current circumstances with Covid 19 virus that all coach walks are cancelled until further notice. We considered trying to set up some walks where members could use car transport to get to a meeting point but everything is moving so fast that  even that does not seem possible. People would not be able to car share and now we are being advised against the use of public transport.  If any of you are thinking of doing a walk and want to contact someone in the club but do not have contact details please email me and I will forward your email. I won't give out anyone's details to other members without permission. 

If anyone has any difficulty or is feeling alone and isolated please make contact with someone in the club. We're a pretty independent bunch but we all need help and support sometimes. Please phone each other just to say hello for a few minutes rather than text. I've found out over the last few days that time doesn't mean much any more. It doesn't matter how long it takes to do something when you've got all day to do it. I know some of you are working from home which is a new way of life to get used to.

The club has a long history and has gone through other crises over the years and it will come through this one. Many of you put your names on the leader board for the summer programme and it may be possible to recce these walks or plan walks for the winter programme. If you do go out walking please take care and wash your hands as often as possible or use hand gel and keep at a distance from other people.

Keep well and stay safe.

Judith on behalf of Audrey, Terry, Andy, Alison, Pauline, Peter, Mark, Chris, Peter and Margaret.